The Story


Hello there! It is definitely not a coincidence that you are here, nothing happens by coincidence in this universe!

First of all, I'd like to welcome you to this page, everything here is about the love for and the process regarding Kombucha, the fermented probiotic tea!

The story started during the COVID pandemic, in 2020, when out of sheer loss of passion and enthusiasm, I asked life for a CHANGE, and as you know life answers, sometimes in mysterious ways.  As I visited the community garden here in Gozo, a friend, who at the time produced Kombucha, offered to give me a SCOBY. I didn't know even what a SCOBY was, at the time, but out of sheer curiosity, I decided to give Kombucha a try, somewhat excited to what was about to unravel. 

As I went home, all excited and curious at what this whole thing really is, I became intrigued, it was so exciting and beautiful to just do something new. As I prepared my first jar of Kombucha, I couldn't wait patiently to try this beverage out, and as you might expect, when I tried it out for the first time I have to say that it was love at first sip. 

From then onwards, my passion and enthusiasm for life got reignited as I started to research incessantly about this beverage, the health benefits, the process of a kombucha brewery as well other flavours. Friends and family got intrigued by this whole obsession with Kombucha, and everyone was giving me astonishing remarks of how tasty it is. At first I couldn't believe them, but then slowly slowly it started to seep it, how great this beverage is, and how it could effect many lives, just as much as it did to me. This led me on a journey where I started sharing knowledge about Kombucha with my guests, friends, family and everyone I meet! As they say, the rest is history!

But funny enough, the journey didn't start there, it started way back from when I was 7 in my grandmother's fridge. She used to brew Kombucha in her kitchen at the time, and funny enough I didn't know about all of this, but I did have tiny memory flashbacks with Kombucha in the fridge. Today my grandmother has passed away, and I have decided to dedicate this journey to her. 

Hope you enjoy Kombucha as much as I do, and I look forward to serving you some really tasty Kombucha, made with a lot of Love.