Your Kombucha Workshop

by Wayne Magri Xuereb

Art of Fermentation & True Creativity Workshop 

This is workshop for those that want to learn the art of fermentation, specifically on how to create Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has its origins from China and is dated over 2000 years of age. This workshop is specifically for those that want to learn how to make it. Kombucha is alive, and therefore like anything in existence can offer a reflection to ourselves, and can be a doorway to deeper creativity.
We will learn from A-Z how to brew your own tasty kombucha, safely and deliciously. An explanation on the whole process as well as a method I have devised myself called the 'Kombucha Tuning'' which is a 21-day journey, that involves connecting . Participants will receive a scoby and a bottle of Kombucha to take with them at home to start their fermentation journey. 
Followed by the workshop, Agnes Jenei will be hosting a yoga session, involving Vinyasa flow, which will leave participants relaxed and in alignment.
Cost: 50 EUR
Participants maximum 6 people. 
Deposit is required.
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